June 11, 2024

Sorry for the delay guys.  I know how worried Larry was that the results were not posted yesterday.  See you Tuesday, June 18th tee off at 9 am.

1st Place 36Doug Tingey
Rory Crouch
Cody Heslington
Wayne Thomas
2nd Place34Larry Bywater
Marty Wuthrich
Rick Robinson
Kirk Pugmire
3rd Place32Jake Athay
Scott Piggott
Tony Valez
Jim Schnetzer
4th Place TIE30Brent Nickerson
Steve Portela
Kelly Hearn
John Poorte
30Dennis Duehren
Keith Martindale
Wayne Crouch
Jeff Short
28Jason Kooyman
Jim Mattson
Mike Williamson
Brad Simpson
28Weston Hobbs
Paul Johnson
Tony Pinson
Greg Short
28Scott Hayes
Randall Knight
Benny Johnson
Ron Thompson